• Online Marketing Consulting

Hiring us or one of our Team Members to help you with your Online Marketing needs has never been easier. See below how this works…

  • Step 1:

    You know your business needs help with Online Marketing.

  • Step 3

    Please fill in the form below. Choose your Online Marketing Component (OM) & the Type of Consultancy.

  • Step 3

    We will contact you within 24h (normally quicker) and then we see how we can move forward.

You still have some more Questions before you go ahead?

How much does Consulting Cost

Our hourly rates for consultations are:

  • 80 Euro or
  • $120 AUS or
  • $90 US

How does your Consulting work?

It’s quite simple.

– You know you need some help with Online Marketing or your website.

– You understand how much we charge per hour.

– Once you go through the process below, we will simply get in contact with you and see how we can help you with our services meeting your budget.

Do we have to sign a contract?

Yes, we might have to agree on contract terms. This usually depends on the project type, or the style of consultation e.g hourly based, few times a week within your organisation etc.

Normally contracts are just necessary to protect some of our intellectual property that we bring in or create to advertise your business online.

Can we cancel consultations any time?

We definitely do not believe in locking clients or people into a minimum contract time as for example a minimum 12 month Consulting commitment.

Ideally you could leave any time or rather cut the ties whenever you want to. If a contract needs to be set up we will ask you to give us at least 4 weeks notice but otherwise there is no further lock ins or hidden clauses.

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