• Our Online Marketing Components

Under each Online Marketing or Advertising medium you will find several different components such as research & planning documents, implementation strategies etc. Below you can see how we approach each of the advertising channels which we can help you with.

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Keyword Research & Analysis

Search Engines are Keyword-Based website traffic channels. The absolute cornerstone of every SEO & Google AdWords campaign is to know what Keywords are do people use.

Information Architecture (IA)

The structure of your website is a vital ranking ingredient as well a UX component. How well (fast + easy) people can find what they are looking for will highly influence your sales.

Site Specification

The outcome from the Keyword Research & Analysis will be utilised to assign keywords to page titles, descriptions, page content etc. This assigning will also determine how a specific page might be designed and laid out.

Analytics & Tracking

We use Google Analytics along with G-Tag Manager. Analysing user behavior and Tracking sales and conversion is also a cornerstone in any online marketing campaign. Otherwise we are just blind people groping in the dark.

Competitor Research

Before we start putting effort into optimisation, we need to know how competitive your industry/niche is. Perhaps is not worth it. Some niches are so competitive that it either takes a lot of investment or simply too long.

Content Strategy

Link Building and continuous content creation are the top factors to get your site moving up. Link Building is arduous and needs a lot of effort and time. Creating a decent content strategy can tackle link building because people simply share and link to great content.

Content Creation

We not only define a strategy but also create and help in creating content for your site.

Link & Relationship Building

Since buying links and editorials are ‘no goes’ in most countries, building relationships with other businesses from your niche is a great way to attain more links.


Some businesses require website performance reports. We create such reports either as a standard download e.g Google Analytics or depending on the campaign customise reports.

PPC Advertising (Google AdWords)

Keyword Research & Analysis

Also Keyword based, here Keyword Research is essential. SEO requires more depth, hence this component needs less time to complete.

Campaign Build

Google AdWords uses a particular structure for its campaigns. Again, to set up the fundamentals this needs to be decently thought out.

Campaign Optimisation

PPC campaigns should be looked at 1-2 times per week. Analysing CTRs, cost per clicks, quality scores as well as landing page behavior will determine the upcoming optimisation points.


Reporting here can also be standard or customised. Usually, compared to SEO this occurs every 2 weeks instead of monthly.

Facebook Advertising (Coming Soon)

Conversion Rate Optimisation (Coming Soon)

Email Marketing (Coming Soon)

New Website or Website Re-design  (Coming Soon)